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About Us

Jordan Bautak Company (JBC) established in Jordan in 1973 is a leading supplier of electrical equipment and lighting products.

The company’s portfolio covers a wide spectrum of products ranging from lamps of all kinds such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and industrial batteries to all kinds of fixtures as well as complete luminaires, light management systems and lighting solutions.

Over the years JBC has been active in developing lighting solutions including tailor-made proposals fitted to clients’ specific needs. Our solutions have been implemented successfully in multiple locations. This was made possible due to the high quality and sustainability of our products.

JBC’s network of world class electrical suppliers, combined with our 40 years expertise and our reputation for high quality, timely and cost-effective solutions has made us leaders in the field. We continuously endeavor to expand our product range offerings and always keep up to date with the latest developments and improvements in the industry.


Marwan F. Al-Masri was born in 1925 in Nablus, Palestine. He completed his early education at Salahiyyah School in Nablus. In 1943, he went to Cairo to pursue higher education in the field of Electrical Engineering at King Fuad I University, which was renamed after 1952 revolution to Cairo University.

After his graduation in 1948, he went to Ramallah and worked for the Palestine Broadcasting Service.

Few years later, he moved to Amman and worked at the Amman Technical School before heading to Kuwait in 1956 where he took a post at the Kuwait Oil Company. After 17 fruitful years in Kuwait, he decided in 1973 to go back to Amman to establish his own trading business, Jordan Bautak Company (JBC).

In the first few years, the main scope of the business was the import and distribution of equipment and machinery. A change in the business strategy took place few years later when Mr. Al-Masri decided to use his 25 year experience in the electrical field and switched to import and distribution of electrical supplies. In the following 10 years, Mr. Al-Masri succeeded to establish Jordan Bautak Company as a major supplier to the Jordanian market.

The business grew during the 90s, accelerated by the mass repatriation of Jordanians from the Gulf countries. This was accompanied by a construction boom and heightened demand in all forms of electrical supplies which JBC was ready to cater for.

It was during this fast growing period that both of his sons joined the company and got the exposure and training needed to run and further grow the business.

Upon his passing in 2003, Mr. Al-Masri left one of the biggest and well established electrical supplies companies in Jordan.

Our History Timeline


Founded in Amman by Marwan F. Al-Masri.


Started our sales channel of whole sale business operations and distribution.


Increased our sales channel from whole sale business operations to Tender business operation supplying governmental and large organizations.


Built state of the art warehouses.


Opened OSRAM Showroom in Marka district.


Opened a 2nd Showroom in Jabal Hussein district, a vibrant area for electrical accessories supplies.


Opened our 3rd Showroom in the western part of Amman.


Opened our 4th Showroom in one of the revealing areas for electrical supplies.


Moved headquarters to Khalda district in the western part of Amman in the heart of the new electrical and lighting retail market.


Celebrated our 40th anniversary rolling the success of being the leading pioneer in the Electrical and Lighting market. 


Developed our sales force to reach 1000 point of sales covering major areas of Jordan.